"The Timeless Trail: 100 Years of Fascinating Okushinano Trail Journey"


"The Oku-Shinano area, one of the world's leading heavy snowfall regions, is home to primeval beech forests with trees over 300 years old, historic trails, unique traditional culture of snow country, and rich orchards of apples and grapes. This area offers a field where you can enjoy a variety of activities such as trail running, mountain biking (MTB), and backcountry (BC) skiing, each season bringing its own beautiful scenery.
Okushinano also has numerous hot springs. After the race, please fully enjoy Japan's traditional hot spring culture. We have created a 100km course with the desire for you to fully experience the charming nature of Okushinano. We are confident you will be satisfied."

3 round trip courses of mountain and village



  • A round trip around the solitary peak, Kosha Mountain
  • A round trip through the beech forests that are over 300 years old
  • A countryside round trip, running through orchards and pastoral landscapes

"The Okushinano 100" encompasses these three rounds. Along the way, there are historic trails that connect villages, beech forests that have withstood the weight of snow, trails along streams fed by melting snow, and landscapes of mountain hamlets filled with nostalgia and tranquility. It's a 100km journey packed with the natural beauty and charm of Okushinano, so please enjoy it to the fullest.

Features of the race



* The Okushinano Ultimate Trail Journey

You will encounter paths filled with natural beauty, such as primeval beech forests that are 300 years old, the beautiful rural landscapes of Kijimadaira, historic trails, and paths leading to orchards.

* Convenient Location

The fastest Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station to Iiyama Station takes just 98 minutes. There is an access bus from the station to the venue. The start and finish point is adjacent to a parking lot that can accommodate about 500 vehicles. After the race, baths are available for immediate use, so there's no need to travel by bus while still sweaty.

* Pursuit of a Sustainable Race

We aim for a sustainable race that is environmentally friendly, with paperless procedures, community building among stakeholders, and trail conservation activities.

* Support for Future Runners

We also hold races for elementary school students and preschoolers, supporting the challenges of young runners.

Where is Okushinano (Nagano) ?

The area comprising Nagano Prefectures is known locally as “Okushinano”. Thus, the Okushinano Nature Park resort area straddles the mountainous regions of Northern Nagano. From the world-renowned Snow Monkey Park and the popular ski resorts of Shiga Highlands and Nozawa Hot Springs, used in the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics, to the National Parks included in the area, you can find here many unique and exciting sightseeing spots.



By Train



Venue/Reception venue
Approx. 8km from JR Iiyama Station
Approx. 14km from Toyota Iiyama Interchange,about 20 min. by car


Date June 7th(Fri.)-June 9th(Sun.),2024
Venue/Reception venue Kijimadaira Village,Nagano
God of Romance Snow Resort
3876-2 Kamikijima,Kijimadaira
Village,Shimotakai District,Nagano Prefecture
Google map
Course Kijimadaira Village and Trail around Mt.Kosha
Category 100km、50km、25km、
Elementary school student/preschooler 500m~2km
Entry Fees 100km Racer25,000yen
100km Pacer 10,500yen
50km 12,000yen
25km 8,000yen
Elementary school student/preschooler 2,000yen
Awards 【100km】
Prize:Top 6 male and female finishers
Age Group:Top 3 in each gender :39 and under,40s,50s,60 and over

Prize:Top 6 male and female finishers
Age Group:Top 3 in each gender :39 and under,40s,50s,60 and over

Prize:Top 6 male and female finishers
Age Group:Top 3 in each gender :39 and under,40s,50s,60 and over

【Elementary school student/preschooler】
Prize:1st-2nd grade,3rd-4th grade,5-6grade,preschooler Each Top 6 male and female finishers

※Prize winners are not entitled to age group award and there will be no overlap.
Participation Gifts Original socks、Tenugui etc
Points awarded 【100km】
ITRA 4point 
Western States100 2025 Qualifying race 

ITRA 3point 

ITRA 1point 
Race Organaizer Okushinano100 Race Committee
Management ALP SKI TEAM/Sportheim ALP
Race Producer Takuya Yamada
Course Directer Hiroshi KImura
Support 木島平村、中野市、山ノ内町、木島平村観光振興局、木島平村観光株式会社
Official Premier Partner finetrack、On Japan、Columbia montrail、answer4
Official Partner New-hale、PAAGO WORKS、ZEN、Hungerknock、rig recovery、メダリスト、ARch MAX Japan、フクダ電子
Supporting Partners ちゃんぷ。練、LDA-RC、Trippers、Fun Trails、エネット株式会社

Race Categories


Distance: 100km
Elevation Gain: 4800m
Start Date: June 8th(Sat.)5:00
Time Limits: 21hours(with 6 cut off points)
A field size limited to: 700 runners
One pacer is allowed per runner.(from 27km point)


Distance: 50km
Elevation Gain: 2500m
Start Date: June 8th(Sat.)11:00
Time Limits: 11hours(with 2 cut off points)
A field size limited to: 300 runners


Distance: 25km
Elevation Gain: 1500m
Start Date: June 8th(Sat)7:00
Time Limits 5hours30min.(with 1 cut off point)
A field size limited to:300 runners

Elementary school student/preschooler

DIstance 500m~2km
Start Date: June 8th(Sat)11:30
A field size limited to: 300 runners

Race Schedule

June 7th (Fri.)

13:00 Registration opens for 100km/50km/25km and pacer. Mandatory gears will be checked upon registration.

18:00 Registration closes.

※Registration for 100km is only available on the day before the race.

※You need to show your ID(passport,driver license,etc.)atregistration.

June 8th (Sat.)

100km 50km 25km Elementary school student/preschooler
4:00 Opening      
5:00 100km Start   Registration Opens  
6:30 Registration of Pacer Opens Registration Opens Registration closes Registration Opens
7:00     25km Start  
10:30 Registration of Pacer closes Registration closes   Registration closes
11:00   50km Start    
11:30       Start
12:00     Awards ceremony Awards ceremony
12:30     Finish
(Cut-off time)
17:00 Awards ceremony Awards ceremony    
22:00   Finish
(Cut-off time)

June 9th(Sun.)

2:00 Finish
(Cut-off time)
100km 50km 25km Elementary school student/preschooler


  • Those who are 18 years old or above(100km/50km/25km category)※Those under 20 years old must have consent of a parent or guardian
  • Those who can follow the rules and manners of the mountain(OKushinano100 policy)
  • Those who are confident to complete the course within the time limit and without getting lost
    100km: 21hours(with 6 cut off points)
    50km: 11hours(with 2 cut off points)
    25km: 5hours and 30 min.(with 1 cut off point)

Time Limits

100km 21hours

Race cut-off ♯1 27km(Cupid of Romance Snow Resort)6hours
Race cut-off ♯2 48km(Kayanodaira Aid Staition1) 11hours30min.
Race cut-off ♯3 58km(Kayanodaira Aid Staition2) 13hours30min.
Race cut-off ♯4 72km(Nukasen Aid Station2) 15hours30min.
Race cut-off ♯5 84km(Keyakinomori Aid Station) 17hours30min.
Race cut-off ♯6 95km(Nukasen Aid Station3) 19hours30min.
Race cut-off at finish line 100km(Cupidof Romance Snow Resort) 21hours

50km 11hours

Race cut-off ♯1 23km(Kayanodaira Aid Staition1) 5hours30min.
Race cut-off ♯2 33km(Kayanodaira Aid Staition2) 7hours30min.
Race cut-off at finish line 50km(Cupid of Romance Snow Resort) 11hours

25km 5hours30min.

Race cut-off ♯1 13km(Donguri Park)2hours30min.
Race cut-off at finish line 25km(Cupid of Romance Snow Resort) 5hours30min.

Mandatory Gear(100km/50km)

  1. Mobile phone(with the number reported at the time of entry)
  2. Portable Cup
  3. Water and Food necessary for each runnner
  4. Survival blanket(at least 130cm×200cm)
  5. Taping tape(80cm or longer×3cm or wider)
  6. Course map(download from the event website or use a smartphone or watch with GPX uploded)
  7. Rain wear with hood(jacket,GORE-TEX or other waterproof/breathable material with seam-taped seams)
  8. First aid kit(bandage,antiseptic,etc)
  9. Light and spare batteries(Additional lights may be carried instead of spare batteries.)

Recommended Gear

  • Rain pants
  • Pole(※Use of poles is prohibited in Kayanodaira area,48km~58km course)
  • Bear bell
  • Gloves
  • Flashing/reflector light (to be easily recognized by vehicles driving at night)
  • Poison remover

※Mandatory gears will be checked at the registration desk.
Mandatory gears that has been checked must not be changed afterwards.
※Mandatory gearst will be checked on the race course. Any competitor found to be lacking in Mandatory gears will be disqualified and not allowed to run on the competition course regardless of the reason.

Mandatory Gear(25km)

  1. Mobile phone(with the number reported at the time of entory)
  2. Portable Cup
  3. Water and Food necessary for each runnner
  4. Course map(download from the event website or use a smartphone or watch with GPX uploded)
  5. Rain wear with hood(jacket,GORE-TEX or other waterproof/breathable material with seam-taped seams)

Recommended Gear(25km)

  • Survival blanket
  • Taping tape
  • First aid kit(bandage,antiseptic,etc)
  • Insurance card(photocopy not acceptable)
  • Rain pants
  • Pole
  • Bear bell
  • Gloves

※Mandatory gear will be checked on the race course. Any competitor found to be lacking in the mandatory gear will be disqualified and not allowed to run on the competition course regardless of the reason.

Baggage storage

Storage time: 6/8(Sat) 4:00-11:00
Return time: 6/8(Sat)13:00-6/9(Sun) 3:00

Storage time: 6/8(Sat)8:00-10:30
Return time: 6/8(Sat)13:00-6/9(Sun)3:00

Storage time: 6/8(Sat) 6:00-7:00
Return time: 6/8(Sat)9:30-12:00

Drop bag

100km racers are allowed to put their drop bags at 27km point.
50km and 25 km racers can not use drop bag.
※We can not keep any valuables.
※The race is not responsible for your valuables. Please carry your valuables with you and do not leave them in your baggage and drop bags.


Venue/Reception venue
Approx. 8km from JR Iiyama Station
Approx. 14km from Toyota Iiyama Interchange,about 20 min. by car

Parking lot

The Cupid of Romance Snow Resort (free parking lot)
At the parking lot ③ and the parking lot ④,tournament shuttle buses will operate only during specified times.

Parking MAP(PDF)

Shuttle bus

We have a shuttle bus service between JR Iiyama Station and Venue/Reception venue (The Cupid of Romance Snow Resort).
6/7(Fri) Depart Iiyama Station 13:30、15:30、17:30
    Depart Venue/Reception venue 15:00、17:00
6/8(Sat) Depart Iiyama Station 9:00
6/9(Sun)Depart Venue/Reception venue 9:00
<Shuttle bus Reservation>
※Shuttle bus fee:JPY500
※There is no shuttle bus from Venue(Reception venue )to accommodations.
※Volunteer staff and supporters can take the shuttle bus.

Accommodation Contacts

Coming soon


  • Racers can withdraw from the race only at the aid stations as a general rule.
  • If you have to withdraw from the course due to an unavoidable circumstances, please report to the nearest staff member and follow his/her instructions.
  • Race-tracking chips(with Race bib) must be returned to the aid staff.If the race-tracking chip is not returned,you will be charged a fee as compensation.
  • The medical staff may request racers to quit the race if he/she is considered not in a good condition.
  • If you withdraw from the race,you need to stay at the aid station until you are picked up and transferred ti the finish point by an official transportation.


【Okushinano100 policy】

Save mountain rules and mannerrs.

  1. Never drop trash → Prepare a special pocket for trash!
  2. Pick up at least one piece of trash → Every time you enter a mountain, the mountain gets a little cleaner!
  3. Greet people twice → once 10m before and once more as you pass them. Show your appreciation!
  4. Hikers have priority → Don’t forget to say “After you!
  5. Walk when passing or overtaking hikers → Running gives them a sense of fear.
  6. Stay on the trail → Do not step on plants.
  7. Strictly no headphones → Dangerous to not be able to hear warnings and greetings. Enjoy the sounds of nature!
  8. Bring equipment to protect your own life → Essential equipment, water, salt, energy, etc.
  9. Have a sense of respect for temples and shrines → Thanks from the bottom of your heart.
  10. Remember to be thankful to the mountain. →Before entering the mountain, we say, “Thank you.

Support and Cheering

Support and cheering are available at venue and Yomase ,Kayanodaira,Keyakinomori park aid station.
※ not available at Nukasen aid station because there is no parking lot
※The private support at out of the support area specified by the organizer in Kayanodaira must pay the charge(500yen/day) for Kayanodaira Information Center.

【Convention participation pledge】

In order to ensure the safe conduct of the event, please understand and agree to the following items before participating in the event.

  • In the natural environment, there is a possibility of encountering bears, bees, and other animals that can harm humans.
  • The participant accepts all responsibility for his/her own participation in the event.
  • I will pay attention to my health condition and participate in the event after having trained sufficiently and being in perfect physical condition with no heart disease, etc.
  • I will participate in the race with the required equipment.
  • The participant will follow the instructions of the organizer while participating in the event.
  • In the event that the participant is injured or causes injury to others, the participant accepts full responsibility for his/her own injuries and will not make any claim against the organizer for expenses or damages related to injuries.
  • No refund will be claimed for any reason, such as cancellation or change of events, after the payment procedure has been completed.
  • Please attach your given number card to the front in a visible position. Don't lie about age or gender. Only the applicant can participate. If we find false info, we can cancel your participation and awards. The organizer decides on future eligibility. We are not responsible for false info or proxies."

Changes and cancellations

  • The event may be cancelled or its content changed due to inclement weather or circumstances in the surrounding environment that may affect the smooth operation of the event. In the above cases, the organizer will contact you via your e-mail address by 5:00 p.m. on the day before the race.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change or reduce the course or cancel the event at their discretion in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as earthquakes or other natural disasters, inclement weather, illness, incidents, accidents, etc.
  • The organizers will decide how to notify the participants of any cancellation or course change/reduction during the event.
  • No refunds will be made for any reason after the payment procedure has been completed.

Refund Policy for Event Cancellation

This event relies on participant fees to cover over 90% of its costs. If the event is affected by bad weather, earthquakes, disasters, incidents, accidents, or pandemics after registration, the organizer may decide on changes, including event reduction, cancellation, and refund details.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Personal information submitted at the time of application for participation in the event will be managed by the Race Committee and used only to the extent necessary for the operation of the event (insurance coverage, sending of materials, etc.).
  • The copyright and portrait rights to photographs taken by staff members during the event belong to the organizers. The event participant agrees that images, photographs, articles, records, etc. (personal information such as name,     age, gender, record, portrait, etc.) of the tournament may be used on the Internet, in printed matter, mass media,      etc., and that the copyright, publication rights, and usage rights belong to the organizer.
  • The organizer will not use the personal information of the applicants for any purpose other than to provide necessary information regarding the event.


The race provides the following insurance coverage.

Death and permanent disability: 1 million yen
Hospitalization: 1,500 yen/day
Hospital visit:1,000yen

※We do not have mountain insurance. We recommend that you purchase it on your own.

Other notes

  • Any additions or changes will be posted on our website and facebook page.